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Final episode of Wang Yuan's fantasy series 'The Great Ruler' released online

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  • Pets Supplies Wang Yuan in The Great Ruler [Photo provided to China Daily]

    Pop idol Wang Yuan''''''''''''''''s new fantasy series The Great Ruler released the finale episode on this weekend, making a splash on China''''''''''''''''s social media platforms.

    Adapted from novelist Tiancan Dudou''''''''''''''''s popular 2013 online novel with the same title, which has received over 50 million "clicks", the 48-episode drama chronicles the growing up of Mucheng, a youngster who becomes the most powerful warrior in a fictionally magical world.

    Wang, a member of the hit band TFBoys who is followed by nearly 80 million fans on the Twitter-like Sina Weibo, stars as the protagonist Mucheng, while violinist-actress Ouyang Nana plays another major role, an heir of a magical tribe.

    But the farming of salmon in the desert is "something that no one could have imagined", said Bader bin Mubarak, chief executive of Fish Farm. "This is exactly what we''''''''''''''''re doing in Dubai."

    The series is presented by the streaming giant iQiyi in association with Shanghai Films & Media Corporation and produced by the Beijing-based studio Linghe Media.

    Wang Yuan and Ouyang Nana in The Great Ruler [Photo provided to China Daily]

    Chief producer Bai Yicong said the series took nearly nine months on preparation and almost a year on post-production due to several visual-effect scenes.

    Up to 500 crew members joined the designing and construction of soundstages, which covered a total area of 24,000 square meters.

    Besides, the series tailor-made 600 costumes, inspired from Chinese history and culture, for the major characters, as well as 1,200 special suits for cameo roles.

    Wang wrote on his Sina Weibo that "It has been a tough journey full of difficulties and challenges (for his character) but he''''''''''''''''s never feared. I wish everyone can take the control of their own destinies (like what happens in the series)."

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