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Candid camera Rain dance

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  • [Photo by Wang Zeming/China Daily]

    With spectators pouring water on participants, a "water dragon" dance is performed in Zhouzi in Peng''''''''''''''''an county, Sichuan province, on Wednesday. Wearing a willow-twig crown on their heads, dancers maneuver the "dragon" made of branches. Stretching back more than 1,000 years, the dance was originally held as an offering for a good harvest, but is a spectacular show for tourists today.

    Through the apps, the systems will generate bag tag numbers and transmit the data to the e-tag through Bluetooth. After a few seconds, the electronic ink screen of the bag tag will display information such as the bar code and flight numbers.

    Net export had a negative contribution rate to the country''''''''''''''''s GDP last year with the trade surplus narrowing, according to the article.

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