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Second season of pop group reality show premieres

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  • Poster of  You Only Live Once Twenties [Photo provided to China Daily]

    The second season of an online reality show featuring members of the Chinese pop music group Rocket Girls 101 was aired on Tecent''''''''''''''''s video platform starting March 15.

    The 11 members, with an average age of 20, survived fierce competition in a hit online talent show titled Produce 101 and formed the pop group, breaking into Chinese entertainment circles in the summer of 2018.

    The show, titled You Only Live Once Twenties, will help promote understanding and friendship in the group.

    The show''''''''''''''''s first season was an adventurous journey, during which group members had to challenge their physical and psychological strength when hiking across the Sahara Desert or climbing the Carpathian Mountains.

    This time, it will bring members of the Chinese pop music group Rocket Girls 101 to the hometowns of their teammates. At each stop, one will act as host and tour guide to show the place where she grew up and share childhood memories, which helps the members know more about each other throughout the whole journey.

    Li, who is a deputy to the 13th National People''''''''''''''''s Congress, hoped the center could undertake the basic research of AI and develop many mathematical models, which will play a key role in promoting the long-term development of AI and enhancing the company''''''''''''''''s technological capacity.

    The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission announced that Sinolight and CNACGC would be merged into China Poly Group Corp and become the latter''''''''''''''''s wholly owned subsidiaries last August, bringing the number of central SOEs down to 99, from 196 in 2003.

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